1001buku Profile (English)


1001buku is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization focusing on motivating children to read and opening access to quality reading materials for children in Indonesia. Established in 2002, it has been registered as Yayasan (translated: foundation) in 2012 as an social, education-based organization in Indonesia.

Equal access to quality books and reading materials for Indonesian children. 

• To encourage love of reading and reading culture among Indonesian children by opening access to quality reading materials. This is achieved through volunteer-based activities involving local communities. 
• To cultivate interest in volunteerism among the Indonesian public, particularly in creating equal access to quality reading materials for children. 
• To become a base for networking among volunteers and library administrators to share knowledge and co-operate in running community-run children libraries. 

What We Have Achieved
As of now, 1001buku has collected and distributed more than 500,000 books to more than 500 community-run children libraries throughout the country. It is now supporting almost 400 active libraries in its network of children libraries. It has about 50 active volunteers with more than 8000 cyber volunteers all over the world. It is considered Indonesia’s most inspired volunteer-based community in 2012.
Each of the library in the 1001buku network often has its own mission beyond motivating young children to read, and it varies from one to another. 1001buku has been also supporting carefully their missión. Some of the libraries have significant role in promoting children literacy, keeping peace in conflict area, opening access to education in remote area, promoting local arts, fighting human-trafficking and opening minds for children living in ilegal prostitution area, teaching differences and anti-corruption morals, and even reducing dropouts in poor and underserved places throughout the country.

What We Do
• Sort-Pack-Distribute! (SPD) – sorting donated books and distributing them throughout the country.
• Book Drop Boxes – managing book donations by providing boxes in strategic places.
• Olimpiade Taman Baca Anak (translated: Olympics for Children Libraries) 
• Ayo Buka Taman Baca! (translated: Let’s open a library!) – providing support, funding and guidance for opening a community-based library in challenged area
• Workshop Taman Baca (translated: Workshop for library administrators and volunteers) 
• Donasi Buku untuk Anak Dhuafa (translated: Book Donation for Poor Children) – letting poor children have their books of dreams
• Workshop Relawan (translated: Workshop for Volunteers)
• Lomba Menulis Cerita Anak (translated: Children Stories Writing Contest) 
• Makeover Taman Baca  (translated: Library Makeover) – revitalizing libraries in trouble
• Various campaign on children literacy and volunteering

Partnerships with 1001buku
Datsun Indonesia (2015), Parkson Dept Store (2015), Indonesia Relief - USA (2013-2014), Books for Indonesia (2013-2014), Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (2013), Oracle Indonesia (2012-2014), Tempo (2013), Sugity Creatives (2013), Gramedia (2010-2012), Radio RPK (2012), Bank Ekonomi (2012), Asia Foundation (2012-2013), Wallstreet Institute (2011), Kemenlu (2011), Bank Mandiri (2011), CKB (2011), BTPN (2010), Bank Permata (2009-2013),Xnet Indonesia (2009), Ikatan Pegawai BI (IPEBI,2008), World Bank - threat Community (2009, 2013, 2014), Sharp Electronics (2008), NEC (2008&2009), Levi Strauss Indonesia (2008), WTC(2008),  MGK (2007), Pertamina (2007), Kemenegpora(2006), Gran Melia (2006), Starbucks (2006 and 2005),  Solidaritas Istri-istri Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu (2006), Aliansi Logistik Indonesia (2005-2006), RPX/FEDEX (2004), British Council (2003), SLTP Labschool Kebayoran (2003), etc.

How to contribute
- Donate new or used children books to us. Use your discretion to ensure it is proper for children. 
- Join us as a volunteer. You can join as 1001buku volunteer, or even join some of libraries in our network. Let’s make a difference!
- If you want to donate financially instead, feel free to transfer to our bank account. You can see our financial and activity reports in our website.
- Drop an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  should you be interested in collaborating with us for your company’s CSR program.

How to become a volunteer
Join our mailing list by sending a blank email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or join our FB group, 1001buku. (Sorry, all communication might be in Bahasa Indonesia). Our officers will post Call-for-Volunteer occasionally where you can join in.